Frequently Asked Questions

³Do You Have References?

Yes!  Texas Sound and Entertainment has all the references you could need.  Be aware of entertainers who offer references to you, they may be insecure.  You need to see if the entertainer is going to be involved with your event.  You will see a professional entertainer’s history for yourself when you meet, and speak with them.  Ask the DJ to review some report cards.  Every Entertainer should have some type of rating from the client of how he/she did at the event.  

³What Do Your Disc Jockeys Wear?

Texas Sound and Entertainment appearance is professional.  If you wish we will wear a Tux to your event for no extra charge.  We always wear a tux to every wedding.

³What Type Of Music Do You Play?

We play the pre-selected music that you have made, and the music selected by your guest.  If you hire the correct entertainer you can relax because, it is their job to select the music that you and your guests will enjoy.  A good entertainer is able to determine what your crowd likes even if no requests are being made.  TSE provides an online music request from our web site.  Your guests are able to select music prior to arriving at the event.

³How Are Entertainment Fees Determined?

Fees are determined in several different ways.  The nature of the event such as accessibility, and location is a major factor.  Certain days of the week, times of the year, holidays and lengths of events can change the rates.  Saturday nights are a premium night for an entertainer so be aware, an event on this day may cost more than an event on a Thursday or Friday night. Texas Sound and Entertainment prefers to meet with their clients prior to quoting a client a fee.  We do not have set rates because every client and event is different.

³Do All Entertainers Have Set Fees?

No! But most do, Fees are different across the country.  Some entertainers charge a flat rate that means treating you like their average client.  If an Entertainer charges a flat rate across the board beware, you are getting what you pay for. The average event for Texas Sound and Entertainment runs between $100 to $350 dollars an hour.  In the State of Texas entertainers average from $100 to $500+ dollars an hour.

³What Is Your Hourly Overtime Fee?

Texas Sound and Entertainment knows that sometimes an event can’t actually end at a scheduled time.  We charge only $150 an hour after the originally scheduled ending time.  Weddings may cost $250 but will be explained in the original meeting.

 ³When Is My Event Date Reserved?

Texas Sound and Entertainment does require a deposit or retainer fee.  After the amount is paid depending on your event ($200-$500 dollars) retainer fee is held by Texas Sound and Entertainment and goes towards the total balance for your event.  The retainer fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation; this is an industry standard.  Once you have determined to use a certain entertainer, make sure it is confirmed in writing (Contract) that your date is reserved.

³Do You Provide A Written Contract?
Yes! Texas Sound and Entertainment always uses a legal contract which both parties will sign. Texas Sound and Entertainment will give you a copy for your records (normally by email). By you having a copy of the contract this gives you the confidence that Texas Sound and Entertainment is a professional and accountable business and will remain that way.

³There Are So Many Entertainment Businesses in the Area, Which One Should I Go With?

The main answer to that question is meet with the entertainer your considering.  Many low-level entertainers will try to beat other companies out by offering a lower fee.  It sounds good only if you’re buying a car.  Most entertainers in the area charge about the same. Texas Sound and Entertainment may charge the average rate but offers much more in areas where the others add on more fees.

³How Is A Disc Jockey Better Than A Band?

A DJ doesn’t take a break during your event.  A DJ can go from Big Band, to Club Dance Mix’s and play anything in between.  The music that a DJ plays is what the original artist has performed/recorded.  A DJ costs half  as much as a band. 

³Do All Disc Jockey Systems Look Alike?

No! Most use tables with their equipment exposing the cords that are strung out everywhere.  A professional DJ uses some type of booth/console hiding any cables making everything look clean and organized. Ask to see a DJ’s set-up; some may avoid allowing you to look at it because you may be disappointed when it’s time for your event.

³I Have A List Of Songs I Want To Be Played During My Event In Order.  How Do I Make Sure This Happens?

You don’t want to do so.  But, if your DJ has no experience or you're hiring a family friend you may have to.  Just like you selected different types of food for your guests, choose categories of music you prefer and let your entertainer do the rest for you. 

³Shouldn’t My Event Be Special I Know What The Guests Want To Hear?

It will be!  Good DJ’s will keep in contact with you throughout the event.  Much of an event is spent socializing.  As a result most event hosts/ wedding parties don’t hear but half of the music played.  It’s better to select between 10-15 songs that you really want played and let your DJ, and guests select the rest. (Why only 10-15? Because 4 hours of music is only 50-55 songs!)

³What About Comparing By Video?

This is the poorest way to select your entertainment.  A video is edited showing only specific and great moments from a selected event(s).  Many large franchise companies use videos to show their work to you the exact same video is also shown in New York, and California.